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Winwin wayv

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Latest Popular Hot. Search Search for: Search. His family consists of mother, father, and an older sister born He is an atheist. His position in NCT is subvocal and lead dancer while his position in WayV is lead dancer, sub rapper, and sub vocalist.

When he was active in NCT , he was in charge of dance performance and acrobatics within the team. He graduated from the middle and high school affiliated with the Beijing Martial Arts Academy and is a very talented student who graduated early as a senior after two years of high school. Winwin is also a junior to f x Victoria. He used to major in Chinese traditional dance.

He has 55cm-wide shoulders. He used to have a snaggletooth. He has a unique-looking right ear, it looks like an elf ear. His sister was born and currently living in New Zealand. According to Kun, Winwin sleeps with his eyes wide open. He has many habits, such as sticking his tongue, putting a hand under his chin, biting his finger, etc.

He was street casted by SM staff near his school, since he was afraid of strangers approaching him, he gave invalid numbers to the staff. Winwin, alongside Kun and Lucas, became the model for ice cream brand Middle Street He prefers wearing specs to contact lenses on daily occasions. He has the ambition to be an actor. He made an Instagram account in July His favorite number is 7. He has a habit of eating and drinking quickly.

Their room is the biggest in the unit they share with Xiaojun and Hendery. In the old dormitory, he shared a room with Lucas. Their room is the smallest in the WayV dormitory. During NCT promotions, he originally used to share a room with Taeil. His original stage name was supposed to be "Win", so he was surprised when he checked his debut profile and read "Winwin" there instead.

He opened his Instagram account on July 29, Originally, he had a snaggletooth, which got removed. He also used to wear lingual braces. His shoulder width is 55cm. His right ear is pointed, and has been dubbed adorably as an elf ear or fairy ear. A lot of the NCT members have the habit of touching it. This consists of an extra cartilage fold in the scapha portion of the ear, which results in a pointed ear shape.

He has admitted to having a greed for acting: he went on to the department of acting at university, and often says that he wants to try acting and is waiting for an opportunity. Xiaojun had said that Winwin is a legend among entrance exam takers in China due to his records, and that he asked the older for advice during the entrance exam period for the performance department. He was the one who introduced the Watermelon Game to his members according to YangYang , he sent it to their group chat at AM and later on, to the fans through the Bubble service.

Among the NCT members, he and Jaehyun are the only ones born in the same year He used to be afraid of dogs, but he changed after WayV adopted Bella. His favorite colors are blue and yellow. His favorite number is 7. His favorite season is winter.

He prefers cats over dogs, as he remembered being chased by a dog when he was a child. His hobbies are reading and playing games. He likes watching movies and Korean drama series. He likes watching anime. He likes Jeju Island. He likes grilled pork belly, hotpot, and shrimp. His favorite fruit is strawberries. He likes Kellogg cereal. He dislikes sesame leaves, but when he ate it later on, it turned out that it was okay, so he just eats them now.

The brands he uses often are Acqua di Parma and Chanel. His member color in WayV is blue. His animal motifs are an eagle and a chick, both of which he likes very much. When Winwin takes a rest, he is on his smartphone for the whole day. He likes to play games. Kun says Winwin sleeps with his eyes open. Kun praises how Winwin looks great in any angle when he is being filmed.

Winwin is caring to the little brothers and buys them drinks. He also likes The Little Mermaid , but suggested that Yangyang was better suited for it. When he showed a picture of him dressed as Cinderella, his parents said that he looked too much like his older sister so they were surprised. Sneakers or Slippers : Slippers are more comfortable.

Nose or Eyes : Because eyes are more expressive. The eyes are the window to the soul. Earrings or Necklace: He hardly wears both of them. Cooking or Delivering food : He has no clue about cooking. White soup or Red soup : He loves spicy food. Day or Night : Because night creates a sentimental feeling. Coffee or Tea : He would drink tea more often before debut, but because of the members who love drinking coffee, coffee has grown on him and he now drinks Americano every day.

Starving for three days or Staying up all night for 3 days : Sleeping is more important for him. Ballad songs or Dance songs: A song with beautiful lyrics touches his heart. Composing a melody vs Writing lyrics : Lyrics are like the soul of a song. Mountain or Ocean : He thinks the beach is more open, romantic, and free. Calling or Texting : His mind goes blank as soon as he lifts the phone. Sending a test message is easier. A bed is more comfortable. Movies or Games : He often watches movies nowadays but actually prefers games.

Muscle training or Cardio workouts : Every day at the gym, he starts with cardio and does a muscular workout. Winwin 2 The person I think is the hidden dancing machine? Taeil 3 The person I think secretly has the most aegyo? Jisung 5 The person who I think has the best chemistry with me? Jaehyun 6 The person I want to go on a trip with 10 years in the future? Lucas 7 The person I want to take a night stroll with? Kun 8 The person who I think has the same preferences with me?


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